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Torchmate® 4400/4800 CNC Tables - From Crate To Cutting In Under 30 Minutes



Fastest Assembly Time in the Industry

Shop Prep Document - Please review and follow the instructions outlined in the shop prep document. You will need to have your shop prepared for the arrival of your new cutting table.

The Torchmate 4400 and Torchmate 4800 plasma cutting tables have been designed to be cutting in your shop within 30 minutes of its uncrating. End users will only have to supply power, compressed air, dedicated ground rod, and water before performing their first test cut. Everything else has already been included! Having the machine arrive pre-assembled means that our customers are able to get started on their first job the same day. A consumable starter kit is already included in the base price, allowing our customers to cut the full range of material thicknesses right out of the crate.

Preparing Your Shop For Your Table

Before you receive your new 4400 and 4800 you will need to prepare your shop for the arrival of your table.

Click here to download the Shop Prep Document for all the details.


How to Install a Torchmate 4400 and 4800

In the video below you'll see a step by step guide to installing your Torchmate 4400 or 4800 CNC plasma cutting table.


Torchmate University also allows your entire team to learn the operations of the table and its design software before the machine even arrives at your location. These are significant advantages for businesses that are looking to expand the breadth of jobs that their shop can take on, yet don’t have the time to assemble the machine.  

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