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Lincoln Electric® Torchmate® Technology Increases Business Capabilities For Back Alley Metals 


Back Alley Metals, located in Red Lodge Montana, began in an alley and has grown to a company that now ships their custom metal work around the world. Priding themselves on turning customers’ ideas into reality, Back Alley Metals purchased their Torchmate table when they first opened their doors. They started with their machine as beginners unaware of how it worked or its capabilities, but have quickly become experts and have clearly seen the impact that the table has had on their business..

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Back Alley Metals has seen a large impact on business since the introduction of their Torchmate table 10 years ago. Their table has become an integral part of business, being used everyday and quickly becoming one of their most used pieces of equiptment. They have noticed the largest impact in terms of their showroom saying that, “The table allows us to maintain a diverse inventory of creative wall art pieces in our showroom that drives a tremendous amount of custom orders from walk-in retail foot traffic.” Along with the impact that their table has had on the showroom they have also noticed a significant impact in time saved, claiming that their table has allowed them to take on more work and free up fabricators.




Torchmate technology has had a significant impact on the capabilities of Back Alley Metals. “Introducing the torchmate table into our business has allowed us to grow from a strictly hand built fabrication shop into an operation that is capable of incredibly versatile custom fabrication.” Since the introduction of their table, they have been able to offer their customers a larger variety of product such as custom signs; Intricate wall art, bear boxes, as well as precision products for home builders. With the help of their Torchmate table, Back Alley Metals has been able to fulfill large parts orders while mantaining the high level of detail that their customers have grown to expect.



“I would recommend Torchmate tables to anyone. There are other companies out there that make similar products but the tech support that comes along with this company is amazing. They have helped us out of many binds that we couldn’t figure out on our own.”

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