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CAD Training Options

Lincoln Electric Cutting Systems has numerous training options available to help you learn Torchmate CAD. Torchmate CAD is our own software that allows you to design parts and art for your cutting table to cut out. H ere is a list of the training options available:  

1. CAD Manual with Search - One easy way to find exactly what you are looking for is to utilize the CAD manual! This manual is a fully searchable database that will allow you to pull up the section of the manual you need simply by searching for the topic you are looking for. This will give you an article with screenshots of examples on how to make each feature of the Torchmate CAD system work.  

2. Live CAD Seminar Recordings - We have taken a complete recording of our in house CAD training seminar and made it available via streaming video for you to watch at any time that is convenient for you. This is a great way to get a complete session on how to take full advantage of the Torchmate CAD program. While training in person is usually the most effective, viewing this training seminar from the comfort of your home is an excellent way to get started becoming proficient at the software.  

3. Torchmate University - This program is broken down into CAD and machine operation sections. These short videos cover popular topics in an easy to follow style that lets you get quick information on topics you may have questions about. There's no better way to get a quick handle on how to run your table than Torchmate University!  

4. - This forum is a casual gathering of fellow Torchmate owners and fabricators. It's the #1 way to get a quick question answered! Your fellow owners and fabricators browse the site looking for inspiration and new build projects while enjoying the fun community. Stop by and register so when you have a question, help is only a quick forum post away!  

5. Live Seminar Registration - One of the best ways to get quickly up to speed on the Torchmate CAD software is to attend one of our training classes at our Reno, NV facility. These interactive training classes cover Torchmate CAD along with table operation. You'll be surrounded by other Torchmate owners for great collaboration and the relaxed and fun teaching style will have you at ease with your new machine faster than you thought possible. Sign up today and get trained in the best way possible!  

6. Training Calendar - Check out our calendar of events including our training classes and Livestream dates!