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Torchmate X

Video set with Torchmate X demonstrations


Cooper Equipment Onsite CNC Plasma Cutter Training

Torchmate customer Cooper Equipment along with a CNC technical specialist perform multiple computer controlled cuts on sheet metal using a Torchmate X CNC Cutting System.


Lincoln Electric Torchmate

We're introducing the industry's leading hole cutting technology at FABTECH - the patent-pending UltraSharp Technology (3/4:1 hole in mild steel up to 1 in. thickness, and 1:1 hole in stainless steel available for 3/16 and 1/4 in.)! In this video, we showcase the new technology with a Torchmate X Water Table and a Burny Kaliburn Spirit II 275


Torchmate CAD/CAM—Generating multi-tool gcode from the cad/cam software

This is a tutorial on creating a mount for a bird house, applying tool paths for the plate marker and plasma, and generating the gcode necessary to create the object from a single file.


Torchmate CAD/CAM - Double Negatives

Placing a male image into a location that would normally contain a female cut path will result in loss of detail. In order to keep the detail I perform a step I like to refer to as a double-negative. This tutorial will walk you through the basic steps to accomplish this.