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Design | Cut | Build – Season 1, Episode 1 – Building an Industrial Bar for Your Home or Garage!


What’s the best type of bar? An in home bar! In this episode we are going to be working on a brand new project and showing you how to build a bar out of 11 gauge mild steel as well as a stick of 1.5 in. tube. Using the MasterPipe Compact Profiler and a Torchmate cutting table, you’ll be building your own bar in no time!

Design Any Metal Part You Can Think Of In Torchmate CAD

Using Torchmate CAD, you can design exactly what you need to cut out on your plasma table. How do you decide the best settings to use on your plasma cutter? Reference the cut charts in the manual and you’ll be able to get great initial settings that are based on the type of material you are cutting, the thickness of that material, and the amperage setting. Check your pierce height, cutting height, and pierce delay and you’ll be ready to cut!

Torchmate has a complete library of videos teaching you exactly how to design the art or parts that you need with Torchmate University, a step by step video guide to Torchmate CAD.

Weld It All Together!

Next, you’ll need to do some welding! In this video, we use the Lincoln Electric PowerMIG 210MP. This multi process welder will allow us to use a variety of welding processes, but we’ll be doing MIG welding here. Set the settings on the welder to the appropriate ones for your project, and start welding together your bar!

You’ll want to place the base in the position you want it, and then add the top to the bar. That way you’ll be able to more easily move the base around before it gets much heavier with the new bar top. Secure the bar top and you’ll be ready for a drink!

By combining the cutting abilities of a plasma table and the joining capabilities of a welder, you have the perfect pair of machines to perform almost any job. You’ll be able to cut metal, and then weld it together to create the exact finished project you need.

A wood top with a metal base gives this project some unique flair – plus you’ll be able to tell all your guests you made it yourself!

Ready to get the design files for this project? Head over to and download them today and let us know how your project build went!