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Design | Cut | Build – Season 1, Episode 3 – Build a Custom Coffee Table with Your Logo!


Being able to create a coffee table featuring your logo is a great way to show off your skills, and advertise your business. In this episode, we will show you how to create a coffee table out of 1.25” mild steel angle iron, casters, and some glass. Using one of the Torchmate cutting tables can turn your design dreams into reality.

Customize Your Table Design to Maximize Your Shop and Work Space

Torchmate CAD makes it easy to import your own images and turn them into art. You can import either black and white images or fully colorized ones into the Scan and Trace Wizard, and it will convert them into optimal cutting files. Once your image has been successfully converted, you can edit each node in the drawing to make sure your art is as accurate as possible. In this episode, a black and white version of the Lincoln Electric logo was imported into the Scan and Trace Wizard and the steps from the tutorial from Torchmate University were followed to get a high quality image of the logo for the coffee table.

Torchmate CAD is also great for creating custom parts for your builds. Whether its custom car parts for a customer, or caster plates for the mobile coffee table, Torchmate CAD can handle it all. All of your artwork and parts can also be nested to help you reduce the overall amount of material being used.

Torchmate University has a complete library of videos available to help you learn more about advanced node editing and the Scan and Trace Wizard.

Making a Mobile Coffee Table

With all your parts cut out, you’re ready to weld them all together. This episode features a Lincoln Electric Power MIG 210 MP and 035 solid wire. Once you have entered all of your settings into the welder, you’re ready to get started putting the coffee table frame together.

Once the frame is complete and the casters have been attached, the logo can be placed inside the table, and the glass placed on top as a finishing touch. The logo that was cut out in this episode was attached to the decorative back plate with some heavy duty double sided tape.

When you’re ready to create your own custom coffee table, head over to to download the design files. When you’re done building, share a photo of your project to show it off and let us know how it went!