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Torchmate 4400 - A CNC Plasma Cutting Solution for Educators


Lincoln Electric Torchmate 4400 4800 CNC Plasma Cutting Tables 

EDU ReadyPak EDU Software Curriculum


Torchmate READY-PAK®:

The Torchmate READY-PAK is our most popular CNC product line in the education market. Its size, utility, and ease of use make it a perfect fit for students and teachers alike. This is a 4x4 cutting table. They come fully assembled with a Lincoln Electric® plasma cutter, water table, height control, ACCUMOVE® motion control technology, HMI interface, and the CAD/CAM EDU software package. 

When you receive your Torchmate READY-PAK, it’s ready to cut within minutes of its uncrating. Simply connect your power and your air supply, load the gantry onto the table, and you’ll be ready to cut. The wiring of the motors, the construction of the water table, and the connection of your controller will already be done for you.

Partnering with Lincoln Electric to supply your Torchmate table gives you and your students a unique advantage in providing the best education possible. Our sales team and technical support department are readily available to field all of your CNC related questions. Give us a call today to start the process of getting a Torchmate table in your classroom today! (775) 673-2200

 Torchmate 4x4 4400 CNC System Plasma READY-PAK


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