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Welcome to the Torchmate Resource Center

Torchmate Resource Center

The Torchmate resource center is designed to help you optimize the performance of your Torchmate CNC Cutting Table. If you need additional help we are here to serve you.

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Reference Tables

For your convenience, print out a variety of tables and charts, including drill and tap sizes, metric to inch and inch to metric conversion, weights of steel, etc. Have these one page reference pages laminated at your local office supplies store and post them near your shop machinery for easy reference.

Video Tutorials

Torchmate provides a number of tutorial videos to help our customers master the operation of their Torchmate CNC Cutting Table. 

Featured Videos

Torchmate provides featured videos frequently to help our customers view first hand the latest Torchmate CNC Cutting Tables in action. 

Demo Videos

Torchmate provides a number of demo videos to help our customers master the operation of their Torchmate CNC Cutting Table. 

White Papers

Dive deeper into Torchmate CNC Operation. Our White Papers offer a detailed look into topics that focus on CNC, and plasma operation. 

 Download Consumable Cost Calculator

Keeping track of your consumable costs is easy with this Lincoln Electric Cutting Systems Consumable Cost Calculator. Now, Torchmate CAD users can identify consumable costs during the design phase of a project.  Consumable costs can now be shown during the bid process. Using average pierce data for a Burny Kaliburn ProLine® with 70 amp 02/ Air Pierce cutting mild steel, the cost per pierce is less than seven cents. The calculator can be adjusted for any type of power supply, and can be tailored by simply changing the cost center and average pierce. Keep in mind, the cost of the torch head at $1000 is a large investment so take special care to protect it from damage.   The calculator also helps identify the consumable parts that require the most replacement and optimize life expectancy for each portion of the consumable. 

Press Releases

 Read Torchmate's latest press releases covering anything from our newest product, recent sales, and Torchmate news.