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Outsourcing to Laser vs. CNC Plasma Cutting - A Cost and Quality Comparison



Discover the Benefits to Bringing your Cutting In House with a CNC Plasma Table

We compared the cost of outsourcing metal parts to a laser cutter with the cost of bringing the manufacturing in house. We’re talking directly to the fabrication shops that are spending thousands of dollars in laser contracting every year, and we want to be completely transparent about the cost savings that they can experience by purchasing a Torchmate® cutting table. 

For this study we designed a couple parts that represented the simple metal shapes that the largest demographic of our customers could relate to: a simple flange and a tab cut out of 3/16 HR mild steel. We took these designs and gave them to our local laser contractor with the condition that we needed 100 of each part every month. We then cut out these parts using our brand new Torchmate 4800 cutting table and we compared the costs associated with each of the parts. 

Torchmate 4400Torchmate 4800