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Success Stories, Torchmate Reviews, and Testimonials From Happy Customers from Around the World!

Torchmate has thousands of satisfied customers across the globe. Below you'll find many of their success stories and satisfaction with Lincoln Electric Cutting Systems.


Urban Garage AZ

Check out how Urban Garage AZ is using their Torchmate table to boost productivity for repairs and part installations for UTVs, cars, and trucks in his shop, and make sure to check out his Search and Rescue SEMA build!

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AJ's Custom Fab

Check out all the custom metal work AJ's Custom Fab is making with their Torchmate table and how they are using it to grow their business!

AJ Custom Fab Top(003)


Back Alley Metalworks

Check out Back Alley Metalworks' custom metal business and how their Torchmate table has improved their operation!

Mick & Alanna-web

Salish Metalworks

See how Salish Metalworks is using their Torchmate CNC plasma table to improve efficiency in their business! Click here for all the details!

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Canedy Metal Craft

See how Andy is using the Torchmate 4400 to enhance his growing metal work business



Sawtooth and Steel

See how Sawtooth and Steel is using their Torchmate 4800 to create a metal business creating industrial farmhouse style designs!



Architectural Elements

Check out our featured article on Architectural Elements! This company uses the Torchmate X for full production and builds all types of architectural pieces with their machine!



Brookings-Harbor High School

Check out Brookings-Harbor High School in Brookings, Oregon and their use of the Torchmate 4400! This school is using their machine in many ways to enhance their students' learning and improve their futures! Click here for the full article!

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UA Local Union 123

Check out UA Local Union 123 in Florida and their use of the MasterPipe® Compact Profiler! The enhanced productivity of the machine has been a real benefit to their work - see all the details here!

Tru Wye 4


Alan Quintero | Cavotec Dabico US Inc

 Hi Travis,

I just wanted to send a quick note letting you know how pleased we are to have chosen Torchmate/Lincoln as our supplier.

We always receive quick help from all the tech support folks there and that was especially true this past week. Mike Aiello did an outstanding job completing a request I’d started with Chad Spradlin. Mike went the extra mile to give me detailed background and follow up so I could understand and troubleshoot my installation.

Please take a moment to thank Chad and especially Mike, in person for me.

I would certainly recommend Torchmate products to anyone looking for great value and support.


Alan Quintero


Richie | Dumont Dunes

I bought the Torchmate 2 4x8 table to make tabs used in building my cars and for custom fabricating my offroad projects. I ended up using the Torchmate waaaay more than I originally thought I would.

I now make ALL the sheet metal pieces for my cars with the machine. I have it dialed in so sweet! When I cut out a piece I include small arrows telling me where to line it up in the brake. I also use some larger cut outs that tell me when to stop braking the aluminum. This has cut weeks of labor out of each car I build! After having the machine for a few months, I’d have to say it has already more than paid for itself. If you want to check out some of the stuff I’ve built with the help of the Torchmate see this link.

Every metal tab and piece of aluminum in these vehicles are cut with my Torchmate.

Thanks guys!!

dumont dunes
caliber racing


John Cockerill | One Off Concepts

Thank you for taking the time to speak with me. I also wanted to thank you for sending Jake out to solve my issues with my machine. GIVE THIS GUY A RAISE...... Jake was very professional and solved my issue with my machine. He did an amazing job. The cuts I am getting with my machine are amazing.

I also wanted to take the time to thank the rest of the Torchmate staff that has helped me. Everyone has been professional and very knowledgeable. I personally wanted to thank Chad, Daniel and Mike. They went above and beyond to help me. Chad took time out of his personal weekend to help me. GIVE THIS GUY A RAISE TOO. Thank you very much Chad.

Torchmate has stood up to it's word in supporting it's customers. I will always recommend Torchmate to anyone I talk to. I am very glad that we decided to buy a machine from Torchmate to use in our business ventures. I can not say enough good things about Torchmate and their staff.  Thank you again everyone.

Rachel Rheuby | La Veta Junior Senior High School

Ok, First let me say thank you for this opportunity. We absolutely love our Tourchmate! This product has helped us raise money for our school and our FFA Chapter. The CAD program has taught my students so much and requires technical skills that makes them employable in their future. We have had this program and machine for 3 years and we have learned a lot. Your tech support is great and really helps when we get stuck. With the Educational program we will be able to install it in the computer lab so that all students have access to it.
Thanks some much for your support. We greatly appreciate you and this program and machine.

Rachel Rheuby
La Veta Ag Teacher and FFA Advisor


Bill Muerle | Decorative Iron Plus

Dear Torchmate,

First of all let me thank you for selling me a great machine. I purchased your two axis  dos based machine 10 years ago, and i must say it Rocks!!!! Still to this day I have used this machine day in and out over the last 10 years, and I have built my business running your equipment. The machine has paid for itself several times over and over throughout the years. I purchased the machine with the intentions of using it for cutting
out custom bracket's for doing fabrication on my hot rod project's .

After getting more familiar with everything and the machine built there was a big learning curve I needed to know before I could start really using the machine as I knew nothing about computer's  let alone anything about x  y and z or dos or how to draw anything in the software. I think I must of drove Bill Kunz Sr. crazy over the phone asking question's, but I managed to get it figured out. Anyways I found out that there was a big demand at the time for iron art cutout's, and I was able to pay off my machine in the first two year's with just doing art work addresses and signs and brackets for my fabrication stuff. One of the bigger highlights of my cutout work is the pony express monument I built for the northern Nevada  pony express association. The size of the silhouette stands 10 ft tall x 12 ft wide and weights  1,100 lbs. Since then I have been subcontracted through a hand full of companies  to do their cut out work. I quit my automotive tech.  career of almost 30 years about 5 years ago and haven't looked  back.

Thank you sincerely,

Bill Muerle


 decorative iron plus

Skip Goebel | Sensible Steam Peru S.A.C.

 You can't imagine how much I use the machine and the abuse it recieves. Seldom do I get the chance to cut a clean full sheet of anything.. ususally it is big scrap items I convert to useable sheets.  You have probably not seen a table as flexible as mine. While other machines look beautiful on the showroom floor, they are useless in a third world country. Your machine on the other hand is easy to build around, repair and especially easy to understand. Clearly, it is the standard of CNC  tables in South America! Of the 7 CNC tables that I know of in Peru, the Torchmate is the only one I know of that works day in and day out 12 hours a day.  Downtime has never been more than 2 days. While all the other machines wait weeks for a factory man to come from China or Japan. Yes sir! the U.S.A. is the leader in this industry when it comes to machines that work in undesirable conditions.



Dick Roberts | Metal Art By Dick Roberts

Dick Roberts purchased a 4'x4' machine in 2007. With the small amount of space he has, the CNC machine is the perfect size to create his beautiful pieces of art. Dick built a room at his Florida home to house  the Torchmate CNC machine, and an air-conditioned room off to the side where he can comfortably oversee his work as it is cut.

"I am combining cutting out images with my CNC and then making art with what I cut out.  Something I would like to point out is my pedestals (Gallery 1) that I designed and cut out with my CNC plasma cutting machine.  The silver one is my first one I made and I designed  everything in my computer and then cut it out.  It was just plain cold rolled 11 gauge steel when I finished cutting it out.  I then decided to make a design in it so I took my O/A cutting torch and cut designs in it.  It was a lot of work and took a long time to do it.  The next time I did one (the black one, with the palm tree and beach scene) I decided to make the design in the cut pedestal with the CNC.  I made everything in my CAD program.  It was so much easier and faster.  All I had to do was weld the sides and bottom together.  Everything else was done in the machine. 

Another example was my copper leaf spray.  My first one I made was an exercise of learning to braze.  I cut all of the leaves out by hand using an aviation trimmer.  After I cut out all of the leaves I then took my brazing torch and burned the edges of the leaves to give them character.  It took about two days to get the leaves done before assembling them.  I thought there must be a faster way of doing it, so I scanned a leaf and made a dxf file and put it into my CNC machine and cut out the same amount of leaves.  The plasma gave it the burned edge character that I had on the other leaves, and the whole process took twenty minutes to do the same thing it took me two days to do before.  The copper leaf spray on my website is the one I cut out on the Torchmate CNC machine in twenty minutes.  Then I just brazed them onto my branches I made."

metal art

metal art

metal art


Mike Shaffer | Shaffers Offroad

We got our Torchmate machine a few months ago and I don't know how we have gone the last 10 years without one!!! We can now make a part in about 10 minutes, which used to take an employee all day.

Torchmate is a great company to work with. Their customer service is top notch - any time we have had a question about their machine they have always been there to answer it. In our latest rock buggy build, we've been using the Torchmate CNC plasma cutter to cut every single gusset, plate, and bracket.

Mike Shaffer, Shaffer's Offroad

shaffers offroad

shaffers offroad

shaffers offroad



Shawn Scully | Hankos Metal Works

I have spoken to a few guys in tech-support over the past months. I work at Hankos Metal Works. I attached some photos I hope you enjoy. We have a table that can hold two 8'x20' plates at a time. We have the TORCHMATE 3 system with the engraver. We have had the machine since November. Before that we had no experience with a CNC machine, TORCHMATE, or any drawing programs. Everything was done with saws and pen/paper. Since then we have brought on an engineer, cut numerous projects for the company, and I am now cutting out a 400 passenger ferry for a local fabrication company. 

Your tech-support guys are awesome! They've walked me through some difficulties (mostly human errors) and were very polite and patient with me. Thanks again for a fine product and great employees!

Shawn Scully | Hankos Metal Works

hankos metal works
hankos metal works

Bob - BM Welding

Thanks for this machine. It is one great piece of kit. I bought it last March. Just about every week I find a new way to use it. I can now take a picture of a part I want to duplicate, import the picture into the program, take one measurement, size the picture and node, edit around the piece and cut it within a 1/16" out of say 3/8" material and have it sitting on the bench in a matter of minutes. I have just bought a CNC brake press, and I am using the drawing program to layout my bends by drawing things to actual size in the program and working out my angles. I kid you not this thing is working like a charm. These are hard economic times everywhere, and this certainly gives me an edge. If you need a rep in this area I will gladly show prospective buyers my machine just as that guy in the west end of Toronto did for me...I am interested in the new cross hair setup for finding program zero... I am including some pictures of my machine with the downdraft system. I thank you once again.

bm welding

bm welding



Eric Koehler | Angstrom Shop

I spent ten months researching C.N.C. routers asking question after question in search of a machine capable of milling aluminum to a tight tolerance. I was disappointed to find industrial machines that did this task, but only said they could only hold 5 to 7 thousands of an inch plus or minus, not to mention the price of the competitors. I have had the machine up and running for three months now, and not one problem that has stopped me from producing finished product. Having been in machining and welding for 14 years and running large quarter million dollar machines I can say this is not a toy. I have been able to hold 1 thousands of an inch plus or minus cutting quarter inch 6061 T6 aluminum...The work I do ranges from military to bike sprockets with custom 3d art milled into the face.

The staff at Torchmate have been exceptional, especially Josh Schohn who sold me my machine. This was my first large cash purchase, and was very at ease with the whole transaction due to Josh and the rest of the staff for being so knowledgeable about the equipment they sell and caring so much for the consumer they sell to. I'm not only a customer of Torchmate, but find myself still calling some of the staff to see how they are. They are now part of my extended family and I look forward to doing business with them in the future. The Torchmate machine is like having your own A.T.M. machine you put material on it and pull the cash off it. The Torchmate machine has allowed me to work for myself and control my destiny, and for that I thank each and everyone at Torchmate. Thanks again if your customers have any questions feel free to give them my number.


Glen Porter | U S Metal Cutting

After 25 years of service as a Marine Corps Officer, another 7 managing a general aviation airport and 5 more as the owner of an aviation fuel service, I decided to retire. That lasted perhaps 2 weeks before I was looking for something new! After much time pondering the options, I settled on becoming a metal artist. Now that I knew what I wanted to do, I had to figure out how to do it.

I decided that my main concerns were price, size, and ease of use. Torchmate came to my rescue. I had looked at many different CNC plasma systems and decided on Torchmate for several reasons. The kit prices were reasonable, they offered many size options, and it was compatible with the same CAD program as my lathe/mill. However, what really convinced me was the patience and support that the Torchmate staff extended to me from the very first call. Thanks to my Torchmate CNC plasma table, my business has taken off! My machine has already paid for itself and I have expanded to add a large sand blasting cabinet and powder coating oven. My Torchmate CNC plasma table has helped me to take on more challenging projects than I ever imagined. This has allowed me to increase my sales and reach my business goals several years sooner than I had anticipated.

Glen Porter
U S Metal Cutting, Metal Art Works

Glen Porter | U S Metal Cutting
US metal cutting
US metal cutting
US metal cutting

Thomas Derton | Creative Metal Arts

I bought the basic kit from Torchmate about 7 or 8 years ago. I have only had a couple of issues over the years – both were quickly taken care of by technical support.

My table has been in continuous operation since the time I got it up and running. I found it easy to scan drawings and import them into the Torchmate driver software.  The possibilities this equipment has opened for me is impossible to convey! I now ship to customers all over the country.

Thomas Derton
Creative Metal Arts
Marble Hill, Missouri</