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Torchmate 1, 2, and 3 Support

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Torchmate 3 Table
5x10 Torchmate 35x10 Torchmate 3 Bolt together

Torchmate 2 Table

4x8 Torchmate 2 Complete4x8 Torchmate 2 Bolt

Torchmate 1 Table
Torchmate 1

  • Torchmate 1 Assembly Instructions - Assembling your new Torchmate 1 System. Included are the following: a list of hardware needed, materials to be purchased locally, x-axis rail system assembly, table frame assembly, gantry assembly (y-axis), y-axis carriage assembly, gantry installation, and motor mount assembly (x and y axis).
  • Torchmate 1 Materials Cut Sheet - This spreadsheet is a calculator that allows customers to get the sizes of material that they need to cut in order to weld together a Torchmate 1 table. It saves from having to do any arithmetic and from the possibility of making errors in addition. Simply print it out and use it as a cut list.
  • Slat Support Bracket (for Windows 7 Right Click/Save Target As) - Download a DXF file of the Slat Support Bracket. This bracket is an optional slat support bracket if you are using an open air table, and not a custom water table.
  • Slat Support Bracket Holder (for Windows 7 Right Click/Save Target As- Download a DXF file of the Slat Support Bracket Holder.

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