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Welcome to Torchmate® University - Your One Stop Resource for your CNC Plasma Cutting Machine From Lincoln Electric® 

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Torchmate University is the first virtual CNC plasma cutting training program in the industry. It is a revolutionary method of training that takes our customers through a series of knowledgeable and concise videos to give them in-depth training and technical instruction. These videos will take even your newest operator to an expert level in no time. They were formulated with our customers at the forefront of our minds, which has transcended into fast and effective training for many different markets, such as: education, metal art, custom automotive part fabrication, and many others.

The nature of this industry requires that multiple operators be trained on the table. Sending out an entire crew to the Lincoln Electric Cutting Systems’ facility for our on-site training is simply not an option. This is why we have developed this virtual training session so that your entire team can learn to operate the Torchmate table. This alone can make your machine more valuable than any other table in the industry!

Torchmate University covers three different topics: CAD Training, CNC Training, and Build Projects. We start our customers off with the CAD training before they even get their machine. By the end of the video playlist our customers should be familiar with every single tool in the software program. It only takes practice from there to really become a Torchmate CAD/CAM master.

We then use a separate video playlist to instruct our customers how to operate the tables. This includes how the files should be exported from the CAD software. Other videos round out the playlist by teaching our customers about the importance of tracking plasma cutter consumables, programming your height controller, and optimizing your Torchmate table for production. The best part is that these videos will always be updated with the latest software updates so that your team can be at the cutting edge of CNC plasma cutting technology. 

safety requirements